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Remortgage at Ocean to a better deal

Remortgage at Ocean because as an Independent, Whole of Market Mortgage Broker, we can renegotiate a new deal with your current lender as well as complete a search with all other lenders to find you the best available deal to suit your individual needs.  

Approximately 40% of all homeowners in the UK with a mortgage remain on their lenders Standard Variable Rate.

The mortgage payment is often the largest monthly household bill and therefore the most important to regularly review. As part of our service, we will contact you a couple of months prior to your deal end to ensure you have full access to the best available products. 

If you are currently tied into a deal with your lender, email us the end date and we will ensure we contact you prior to the deal end date. Many of our clients have remortgaged and increased their borrowing for a specific purpose, while ensuring their outgoings remain affordable.

You may also want to remortgage at Ocean to obtain a more competitive rate from a lender, or even change to a Fixed Rate Mortgage to allow for easier budgeting. Also, many lenders now offer free surveys and legal work to help you reduce your costs.

Remortgaging takes around six weeks to complete. We recommend booking an appointment with Ocean Mortgages Ltd approximately two months before your current deal ends. This will ensure we can compare your current lenders ‘retention’ deals, as well as complete our Whole of Market research for you to find the best deal to suit your circumstances.

Interested in finding out what deals are currently available to you? Call Ocean Mortgages Ltd on 01752 658906 or 07773 422220 and we will complete our free research for you.

"Words can’t do justice to the help I received. Whenever I needed advice and/or a face to face meeting, Stuart was always available. So many questions I wouldn’t have asked my new mortgage company without Stuart’s help…..I don’t think I would have succeeded on my own. There was no time pressure when meeting, it took as long as needed to get a reply from the new mortgage company. Very quick reply to any email queries I had. As a bonus…the coffee is very nice. I cannot think of anything Stuart could have done better. They were 100% efficient. I can’t praise them enough. I am more than happy to recommend them to any friends that need help."
Mr C, Tavistock.