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Protection for your family "Working in health care made me realise how important life Insurance is. Stuart was very helpful and advised me with the best option. Explained everything to smallest detail, couldn’t fault his job absolutely excellent. Very knowledgeable."
Miss F, Plymouth.

Protection for your family

Protection for your family is crucial when taking out a mortgage. A mortgage is likely to be the single biggest financial commitment that an individual will undertake, with the average mortgage over a 25-year term and often totalling over £100,000.  For this reason, it is recommended that everyone with a mortgage has at least three to six months’ salary saved in an instant access account to pay the monthly mortgage amounts if for an unexpected reason this could not be serviced by salary.  

However, what if you are unable to reserve this amount for such savings? If you were to die or suffer a Critical Illness, how long would your partner be able to pay the mortgage for on their own? How long would the savings last? 

We can give you advice on a whole range of solutions for protection for you and your family to help should such eventualities occur. No-one wants to think for too long about their own mortality, but we know that 1 in 2 of us is going to be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetimes.

Are you and your loved ones protected if it is you?

Types of Protection cover

If you were to suffer from a non-critical illness or injury (such as a leg break or depression), how long would your employer still pay you for? If you are self-employed, how long would your savings last and the business still be able to run?

We can help with all types of protection cover: 

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