How Equity Release helped me

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"Ocean Equity Release is a lovely company. They have given me the help I never thought I’d have."
Wendy Bohannan, Peverell

How Equity Release helped me

Our Client, Wendy Bohannan, 75, was experiencing severe financial hardship, despite only having a small amount remaining on the mortgage of her charming property in the heart of Plymouth.  Wendy approached Ocean Equity Release for advice on releasing money from her property.

Upon full consideration of Wendy’s personal circumstances, a life-time mortgage was suggested to enable Wendy to repay her existing mortgage, unsecured debts, and complete essential repairs to her home. 

Part of the advice was to select a product with a drawdown facility on the lifetime mortgage. This meant that as Wendy paid off the debts and carried out repairs to her property, interest was only payable on the amount drawn. 

By contacting our team at Ocean Equity Release, Wendy was able to resolve her financial difficulties. This in turn, led to a reduction in her stress and anxiety.

Wendy was so delighted with the service she received that has happily shared her story to help others. 

Plymouth Live wrote a feature about Wendy and how Equity Release helped change her life.

Wendy received the money later that month which reduced her monthly outgoings and saw an end to all calls and letters from her creditors.  She was able to make the necessary property improvements and has access to additional draw further funds in the future if required.

“I’ve realised that you do need to talk about your finances but with the right person – a professional person that can point you in the right direction,” she says.

“Ocean Equity Release is a lovely company – especially Stuart Powell. He’s given me the help I never thought I’d have.’

“I’d definitely recommend considering equity release – if it works for me, it could work for others. If you’re down and out like I’ve been, and you’ve got a house or some collateral, I’d recommend it because I feel so much more positive in myself and I haven’t got this big weight on my shoulders anymore.”

If you would like to find out if Equity Release is right for you, please contact us for a free, no obligation appointment.