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Can you do equity release with a mortgage?

Ocean Mortgages. Advice with a difference

Why should you use a broker?

A mortgage broker is someone that will review your current financial situation and research a mortgage deal that is best suited to you. They will review your individual circumstances and match you with the lender and deal that fits best for you. They then complete your application, and speed up the process by liaising with the lenders, solicitor and surveyor until you complete.

By using a broker, you will save yourself time and stress. They will take control of the whole transaction from the research, applying for the deal and communicating with the lender for you.

Mortgage brokers have qualifications and expert knowledge of the mortgage market, making it trouble- free for you when finding and applying for the right deal. Brokers will research which lenders are likeliest to accept an application from you.

If you apply to a lender and they decline your application, this may cause you problems with future applications.

At Ocean Mortgages we believe that our process is distinct from many other brokers. Let’s be honest, moving house or taking equity from your home is one of the biggest decisions you can make. You want the whole process to be as smooth as possible for you. When choosing a mortgage broker as well as researching the company, trust your instincts. Ensure you like them as you will be in contact with them a lot over the next few months!

So how is our process different to others?

There are several areas that we feel make Ocean stand out from other brokers that make them the right broker for you.

Triage of clients

At Ocean Mortgages we have specialists in many different types of mortgage: then main categories are Residential Mortgages, Retirement Mortgages and Lifetime Mortgages.

Each client goes through our unique ‘triage process’ to see which mortgage option is best for their needs. This may be a lifetime mortgage, residential mortgage, or a retirement interest only mortgage. We will always discuss these options with you and advise which we consider to be the best option for your individual circumstances.


Ocean Mortgages has a great reputation within the industry and receive referrals from financial advisors, other mortgage companies and most importantly through word of mouth. We love when a client calls and says that we have been recommended to them by a friend, family member or a stranger in the supermarket! We also have clients contact us after reading our website page and our impressive google reviews.

Assigned Advisor and Administrator

All our clients have an assigned advisor and administrator throughout the process. The administrator is always on hand, at the end of the telephone or an email. They will guide you with the documents that will be required for your mortgage application and book your appointments with your designated advisor.

The advisor will complete all your research and make your recommendations. It’s important the advisor is aware of all aspects of your case, so that if any changes or barriers occur, they can deal with this in a timely manner. If advisors are sharing cases this isn’t always achievable. There can sometimes be mis- communication, a lack of recorded information and too many different cases for them to keep track of.

Continuous Updates

Ocean offer continuous updates throughout your case. You will receive communication from us at each stage of the process, even when there are no updates to give you!

Good Relationships with Lenders and Solicitors

We communicate daily with lenders and solicitors. We have spent years building a healthy relationship with the key people at each company we deal with. This enables us to obtain regular updates from them on your application and enable a smooth transition to completion for you.

Regular Reviews

We offer each of our clients a regular review. For mortgage clients these are based on your deal end dates. The deal that you have may not be the most competitive deal available at the end of its initial term, so why wouldn’t you want a more suitable deal if it is available for you? Our Specialist Advisors can perform new research for you and advise whether it is worth applying for a new deal or not.

Unfortunately, not many equity release firms offer their clients regular reviews. We offer our equity release clients bi-annual reviews in case their circumstances or the deals available have changed.

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Can you do equity release with a mortgage?