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Westcountry Landlords Association Meeting

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Westcountry Landlords Association Meeting

Stuart was delighted to have been asked to be a guest speaker at the Westcountry Landlords Association meeting last night.

Stuart gave an informative talk to around 50 Landlords, the topic being How to avoid the Lenders Standard Variable rate and also Buy to Let Equity release.

A national survey conducted by Which? has found that over one-third of mortgage borrowers are unaware of their current mortgage rate, a further 44% could only estimate their rate, and staggeringly one in four respondents are sitting on their lender’s standard variable mortgage rate.

Stuart told the audience that 25% of Mortgage holders listening to his presentation are likely on their lender’s standard variable rate. As Landlords, this is concerning to be potentially paying a higher than necessary mortgage payment therefore not making the maximum return on the investment, – a scary thought!

At Ocean Mortgages, we provide an exclusive, Landlord Buy To Let Tracker tool.

You email us your property portfolio schedule

We input these details into our BTL Tracker tool and three months before your deal comes to an end we will contact you.

We then complete a Whole of Market search, as well as negotiate the best deal with your lender. You choose whether to select one of our rates, we then complete the remortgage for you.

This process is repeated when this deal ends. This means that the mortgage is one less thing for a busy landlord to think about. We will do it all for you.

Equity Release for your Buy To Let is a new and innovate way of lending.

Releasing Equity from your rental property is not the best option for everyone. In the right circumstances it can be a good solution, to raise the required funds and continue to receive your rental income.

Good Advice is Key!Stuart provided the audience with a lot of information regarding Equity Release and also alternative options for BTL Lending.

Working with an Independent, Whole of Marker Broker is an essential part of landlords future plans.

If you would like to know more we would be only too pleased to discuss this further with you.


Stuart Powell Equity Release presentation
Stuart Powell Guest Speaker at The Westcountry Landlord Association meeting